1) What is Traffic Exchange?
Traffic Exchange is an unique system,where you can promote your websites by surfing other sites.
2) How can I registar or sign-up for an account?
Simply click on Sign-up and fill-up the form,then submit
3) How can I add my site?
On your member page, click on Add Page and select 'Traffic Exchange' from the drop down-menu.Fill-up the form and click on 'Add Page' button.
4) How can I add my banner ?
First, you must have some coins in your account.Go to 'Banners Ad' and fill-up the form then submit.
5) How to add a fund ?
On your Member area, click on Add Funds. Input the desired amount and select the payment processor such as Paypal. Click Submit.
6) How to earn coins ?
You can earn coins through Traffic Exchange and Twitter. You can also buy coins.You will also get Daily bonus coins.
7) Is there any Affiliate program ?
Yes ! You will get a Affiliate URL on your member area. There is also a Affiliate banner to share others.
8) Is there any statistic for users
Yes ! you will get real time and accurate statistics.